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Current Female Dogs

On this page, you will find profiles of our  Female Dogs. Some are retired now and We hope you will read and enjoy their stories.

If you are interested in a puppy from one of these females, or if you want to know their progress in the sport, please don't hesitate to contact us. We can help answer any and all questions you may have. We are very proud to own, train and live with these wonderful dogs.

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  • "Gimme" von Lucescu- BH, IGP1, H.I.T., IGP2-(100,99,97)296

    Gimme was born 24Dec2018. Her parents are from World Known Kennels, her father is Imzedrift's JACK-IGP2 (Sweden) and her mother is Ornela Lengy from Slovakia.  She is certified "a" Normal, Clear for her hips and Elbows and DM-(N,A). Gimme's first real trial went down without a surprise. She did awesome gaining HIGH OBEDIENCE and HIGH PROTECTION for the trial.  We were really happy with her success and thank all those that have...
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  • INDRA von Lucescu - BH

    D.O.B.- 27Dec2019 Hips/Elbows/Spine-  (certified) "a" normal, Clear, Clear.  She is also DM-clear (N/N)  Mother- Tanzania von Lucescu- IPO3, KKL(a), v-rated.  Father- Eins El Dorado- IGP3, KKL(a)- both TOP DOGS in Canada awards in the sport of IGP (Schutzhund, IPO). Indra is a gorgeous big girl from Tanzania and Eins. We are thrilled to have her in the breeding program. Her temperament is very stable and she has a spark f...
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  • Cybill von Lucescu- BH

    Cybil is a wonderful daughter of EINS el Dorato and Fauna von Lucescu .  She has OFA Certified Hips and Elbows Normal. She is also DM clear through Parentage.   Cybil is our young female in the program, she is training very well, we are happy with her train-ability and temperament and look forward to competing with her for the next several years in the sport of Schutzhund. She has excellent work ethic and is alot of fun ...
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  • Orenela Lengy- RETIRED

    Nella is a black sable female imported from Slovak.  Her hips are rated 0/0 clear and normal elbows.  Her temperament was the first thing we saw when she landed here in Canada, a super personality with stable nerves.  She has lots of great characteristics of the GSD and we look forward to training her and putting her into our breeding program.  Nella will be bred to Cassius this year.   It is an awesome comb...
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  • VooDoo von Lucescu- IPO2, KKL(a), SG-rated- retired

    VooDoo was born in Jan 2015, her mother is HEMI and father is YEVHEN.  This combination brought many excellent dogs in different areas and we are happy we kept her.  She has an excellent hip/elbow rating from Germany of A-1 and is DM clear through DNA with OFA.  Voodoo is now enjoying retirement and is loving life after life.  She is from my oldest line and I know the lines very well, this line has produced exceptional do...
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  • (TIA) Tanzinia von Lucescu - IPO2, IGP3, KKL(a), V-rated-retired

    Tia (Tanzinia) was born in June 2014 and is a daughter of FAUNA and YEVHEN. Tia retired with TOP honors and we are so thrilled that she is with us with her offspring in the breeding program.   She has certified excellent hips/elbows from Germany with an A-1 rating. She is also DM CLEAR through DNA through OFA. We have a great NEWS UPDATE- TIA just received "HIGHEST SCORING IGP3 FEMALE for CANADA under the "German Shepherd Dog Clu...
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  • OCEAN von Lucescu- IPO3, KKL(a)life - RETIRED

    `About Ocean:   Ocean is now retired from breeding and enjoying her life in the house. Regional Champion 2016- IPO2-Work and V1 in Working Class for Show... the BEST of Both Worlds. SABLE Female - Coated Reg # ZC474502 D.O.B. 22Feb12 DNA Tested for DM - (N/N) - Clear Hips/Elbows prelims - Clear Mother: Russo von Lucescu- SchH3, KKL1(a)life Father: Yevhen vom Bergblick- IPO3, KKL(a)life, qualified for 2 Te...
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  • HEMI von Lucescu - IPO1, KKL(a) - RETIRED

    Hemi will have her last litter in 2017 and then be retired from breeding. About Hemi: D.O.B. - 22Jul09 Black & Red FEMALE CKC#WN309832 OVC#0043562 Hips/Elbows - Clear DNA tested for DM - Clear Mother: Lesley von Nordseee Sturm (HOL)-SG-rated Father: XBOX von Lucescu- SchH3, IPO3, KKL1(a)(V-rated) - National Competitor Has also received : High BH High IPO1 H...
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  • FAUNA von Lucescu - IPO1, KKL(a)- RETIRED from BREEDING

    Fauna will be retired from work and breeding in 2017. About Fauna: Black and Red FEMALE D.O.B. 4Sep08 CKC#US264606 OVC#0043362 Hips/Elbows - Clear DNA tested for DM - Clear (N/N) Mother: RUSSO von Lucescu- SchH3, KKL1(a)-Life(V-rated) Father: STRAUSS von Lucescu- SchH3(V-rated), IPO3, FH(100 pts), KKL1(a)-Life(V-rated) FAUNA is a med–large size female that is a splitting image of her mom. She is a ...
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  • HALLE van het Basjes Huis (BEL) - IPO1, KKL(a)-Life RETIRED

    HALLE is retired from breeding and work, we have 2 young females that we hope to make into the breeding program once they are old enough. Halle was a super Female that we are so happy to own. About Halle: Sable FEMALE - Imported from Belgium CKC# 1107934 D.O.B. 29Apr08 OVC#0041787 Hips/Elbows - Clear Mother: ISA vom Marktanger- SchH3, KKL-Life Father: ZASKO vom Prielberg- SchH3, KKL1(a)-Lif...
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  • RUSSO von Lucescu - SchH3, KKL1(a) life, V-rated RETIRED

    RUSSO is retired from work and breeding since 2011. We are lucky enough to have her offspring in our breeding program.  Check out FAUNA, OCEAN  and TIA, offspring of Russo. Russo is a 100% European line German Shepherd Dog. She has been a wonderful mother to her puppies and have produced many police dogs, sport / competition dogs, SAR dogs and family companions for pets.  She will retire now (2013) and help us with our train...
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TIA- Tanzania von Lucescu - HIGHEST SCORING FEMALE IGP3 in Canada (2022-10-01)
We are so thrilled that TIA has won this precious award from the G.S.D.C.C at their 100th Anniversary National Event...
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our very own YEVHEN vom Bergblick (2015-01-27)
Exciting News!!!  Yevhen receives TOP DOG IN CANADA (2013) - IPO3 with 98.94.99=291(V), TOP CANADIAN BORN...
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New Videos (2013-03-15)
For those of you interested in our dogsport and why we do it, have a look at these two videos. They are very well...
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Police Service Dog Titan (2013-03-09)
Congratulations to our very own Titan and Officer Tara Vivian McLorn who received the highest award and was inducted...
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