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HALLE van het Basjes Huis (BEL) - IPO1, KKL(a)-Life RETIRED

HALLE is retired from breeding and work, we have 2 young females that we hope to make into the breeding program once they are old enough. Halle was a super Female that we are so happy to own.

About Halle:

  • Sable FEMALE - Imported from Belgium
  • CKC# 1107934
  • D.O.B. 29Apr08
  • DNA tested for DM - (A/N)
  • OVC#0041787
  • Hips/Elbows - Clear
  • Mother: ISA vom Marktanger- SchH3, KKL-Life
  • Father: ZASKO vom Prielberg- SchH3, KKL1(a)-Life

Halle is our sable female bred by Rinus Bastiaansen of Belgium. I thank Rinus very much for this girl to add to our breeding program. Halle is a large female with very strong bone and a very strong head. Her temperament is flawless and she is super stable with people and dogs of any kind. She comes from some of the best lines in Belgium and Germany.  She has her BH (temperament/social ability) test and her AD (endurance) test along with an SG rating in the show (best rating she can get at this time). Her training is going extremely well now and I look forward to competing with her in 2013.
Halle has had her first litter and the puppies are super! They are very good looking pups, with great temperaments and excellent trainability. We are having a lot of fun raising a couple of them to see how they mature.
UPDATE- Halle passed her IPO1 in October, 2013 and did a great job, she finished 2nd place and will now continue on to get her breed survey next year (KKL).
Halle will be bred to Kantor in the fall of 2013.
UPDATE: Halle received her Korklasse at the Ontario Regional Championships 2014, she did an awesome job and we are very pleased with this.  She will now go for her IPO 2 this fall..

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