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Past Breeding Dogs

Here is a list of our past dogs.  These are the grandparents, great-grandparents and great-great-grandparents of our puppies that we offer now.  There has been so many amazing dogs that we have had the pleasure of owning, training and living with.
  • Colin Malemi- SchH3(16x), IPO3, FH, AD, KKL2(a), 2xWUSV

    multiple V-rated scores in all 3 phases TEAM CANADA MEMBER 2x- 2004 & 2005- Holland & France Successful WUSV COMPETITOR-2004 -HOLLAND-99pts tracking Successful WUSV COMPETITOR-2005- FRANCE EASTERN REGIONAL CHAMPION x2 CANADIAN CHAMPION Pronounced in Protection V-Rated in all 3 phases- BEST SCORES 99.96.96 Successful for 6 years straight at NATIONAL Level FH- Score 95 points ...
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  • Xbox von Lucescu- SchH3, IPO3, K.K.L.1(a)

    D.O.B.- 24Feb06 C.K.C. # SC077238 OVC # 0039655 HIPS/ELBOWS CERTIFIED CLEAR  Also has received: OPTIMAL AWARD (Show and Work Combination)- ONTARIO CHAMPIONSHIPS 2011 HIGH SchH 2 HIGH SchH 3 HIGH IN TRIAL x2 HIGH IN TRACKING x3 HIGH IN PROTECTION x2 Mulitple Regional and National Competitor   Xbox is a young male out of IRA and CAR. He is an amazing working dog with e...
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  • QUAZAR von Lucescu -SchH3, K.K.L.1(a), V-rated

    D.O.B.- 17Jan04 C.K.C.- #PA923060 OVC#-0030722-Hips/Elbows Clear   Regional & National Competitor Also has received: HIGH SchH1 HIGH IN TRIAL HIGH SchH3 Quazar is an amazing young male out of COLIN MALEMI and DASCH z Lucescu. Quazar is the sire of the 2012 Purina Hall of Fame dog PSD TITAN .  We couldn't be happier to have produced both these dogs. He is the most  p...
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  • CAR z Petrovho dvora -Police Tactical Demo Dog

    D.O.B.-08Jan96 C.K.C. #1078978 O.V.C. #016288 Hips & Elbows Black and Red, IMPORT from Czech Mother: MOLY z Delbar Father: the famous TITUS z Pohranicni straze CAR is now RETIRED.. We are very happy to have owned and worked this animal throughout his he will enjoy retirement in the house spending his days doing whatever he wants to do. Car is a very special type of dog and we are lucky to have...
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    SUCHNO #30589/96 IMPORT C.K.C. #1066667 O.V.C. #000092 Hips/Elbows Arnie is a big, powerful male that is brilliant in his work ability and is easy to train.  He has been a joy to work and live with.  His training went extremely well and he excelled at his Explosive Detection work.  After 911, there was a huge need for highly trained explosive dogs in the US.  We decided to sell him to Officer Elmer in ...
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  • Muska HONEST- SchH 3, FH, KKL2(a)

    Dark Sable FEMALE National Level Competitor Always Pronounced in Protection!! Best Scores- 94.94.98 Also received: High SchH1 High SchH3 High in Tracking High in Protection x2 Born -3Jan96 SUCHNO #29605 -Slovak Import C.K.C. #1066666 O.V.C. #DD000146 Hips/Elbows clear Honest is a dark sable female with excellent temperament and working ability. I traveled to Europe i...
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  • BELLA von der Schwarzen Eule -SchH 3, FH, KKL2(a)

    Always Pronounced in Protection Solid Black Female West German Import D.O.B.24 Mar99 C.K.C. # 1076243 SZ#2041936 ZW-85 O.V.C. #009320-Hips and Elbows clear SchH1 scores- 97.93.92-282 Bella is the mother of 2012 PURINA HALL OF FAME INDUCTEE- PSD TITAN and our very own STRAUSS. Also:     HIGH B    HIGH SchH 1 HIGH SchH 3 HIGH TRACKING x2 HI...
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  • IRA von Lucescu -SchH 3, K.K.L.1(a)-life

    Black and Red FEMALE ALSO has received: HIGH SchH1 HIGH SchH2 HIGH Obedience HIGH Tracking HIGH Protection HIGH in TRIAL an ALL ROUND EXCELLENT DOG.........   C.K.C. # LU776374 D.O.B. 17Oct01 O.V.C. #019090-HIPS and ELBOWS CLEAR IRA is a very good daughter of DASCH z LUCESCU and COLIN MALEMI and grand-daughter of MUSKA HONEST and ARNIE z Mirkenej zahrady....
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  • LESLEY v. Nordsee Sturm- SG

    Black & Red Female Imported from Holland D.O.B. - 23Nov02 N.H.S.B. #2438637 A-Stamp Hip certification and DNA registered. C.K.C. # 1086305 OVC- #0026217 Hips/Elbows Certified CLEAR            Lesley has  joined our kennel from Holland as an adult.  She received an SG-4 at a big show in Europe.  She is a beautiful, good sized female ...
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  • XORRO van de Duvetorre-SchH 3, IPO3

    Imported from the TOP PRODUCING Kennel "Duvetorre" from Belgium Large Male Belgian Malinois D.O.B. 23Feb98 WEIGHT-94lbs COLOR- Red with Black Mask EYE Certification # BM-484/2002-47 HIP Certification # OFA BM-1167F47M-PI ELBOW Certification # OFA BM-EL337M47-PI F.C.I. #L.O.S.H.817467 A.K.C. #DL86620101 U.K.C. #P364-752 HIGH SCORING SchH I for the Country (U.S.A.) 100.96.96-292(V) 26 May 01 Judge- HAN...
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TIA- Tanzania von Lucescu - HIGHEST SCORING FEMALE IGP3 in Canada (2022-10-01)
We are so thrilled that TIA has won this precious award from the G.S.D.C.C at their 100th Anniversary National Event...
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our very own YEVHEN vom Bergblick (2015-01-27)
Exciting News!!!  Yevhen receives TOP DOG IN CANADA (2013) - IPO3 with 98.94.99=291(V), TOP CANADIAN BORN...
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New Videos (2013-03-15)
For those of you interested in our dogsport and why we do it, have a look at these two videos. They are very well...
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Police Service Dog Titan (2013-03-09)
Congratulations to our very own Titan and Officer Tara Vivian McLorn who received the highest award and was inducted...
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