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Current Male Dogs

On this page, you will find profiles of our current Male Dogs. We hope you will read and enjoy their stories.

If you are interested in a puppy from one of these males, or if you want to know their progress in the sport, please don't hesitate to contact us. We can help answer any and all questions you may have. We are very proud to own, train and live with these wonderful dogs. ALL of our Breeding Dogs are fully HEALTH TESTED, TEMPERAMENT TESTED and active in WORKING IGP. 

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  • CIRO Mersak

    CIRO Mersak- HD-"a" Normal, ED-"0" Normal, Spine-Normal Ciro is our Newest Male in the Breeding Program.    We have to shout out a BIG THANK YOU to Radovan Prokopovic from Slovakia for this wonderful boy.  He is an outstanding male with exceptional temperament, great looks and super work ability.  He is very guidable and has great nerves. He is a big boy and will mature out at 100lbs. His father is World Fam...
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  • Cassius aus Steiniger Grube - BH, AD, Show rated- SG,

    Hips A1, Elbows Normal from Germany (SV) Cassius is a young import from Austria and we are excited to own him. He has a super stable temperament and everybody loves him who meets him.  I have to thank his breeder Reinhold Steingruber for this great young dog.  He was born Sept 2016 and is just getting old enough to get him into some serious work and onto the trail field.  He is A1 stamped from Germany on his hips and elbows an...
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  • Imzedrifts JACK - IPO2, KKL(a)- RETIRED

    Hips A1, Elbows Normal- Germany (SV) Jack is an import from Sweden and I have to thank Pierre Wahlstrom for this magnificent dog as he is everything I had hoped for. His hips and elbows are certified through Germany as A-1.  He has his BH (temperament test) complete and we are ready for trials now. Jack is a young male at the moment and is growing into a very fine dog.  A serious dog by nature, full of power and drives, he is alo...
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  • EINS El Dorado- IPO2, IGP3, KKL(a)- RETIRED

    Hips A1, Elbows normal (Germany SV) IGP3- 99.94.98=291  also: Regional Champion IGP 2-1st Place IGP3-1st Place High in Tracking High in Obedience High in Protection- x2 High in Trial-x2  We have a great NEWS UPDATE- EINS just received "HIGHEST SCORING IGP3 MALE for CANADA under the "German Shepherd Dog Club of Canada" 2022... We are thrilled with this, it was the clubs 100th year Anniversary this year and the Nationals was a fab...
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  • KARLY von Salztalblick- IPO3, KKL(a) SG- RETIRED

    Kar is now retired from our breeding program, we have one of his daughters coming up the ranks and are thrilled with her personality, drives, character and temperament.   Kar was born 10Nov2012 and was imported from Germany at 8 weeks of age. He is alot of fun to train and has excellent qualities in his work. He also got rated EXCELLENT on his hips from OFA which we are thrilled to have. His elbows are also certified through OFA.  ...
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  • Bernard KANTOR Slovakia- IPO3, KKL(a)- Universal Sieger 2016- RE

    Kantor retired from our breeding program in 2016.  Black and Tan Male ( Slovak Import) D.O.B. 16July10 DNA DM tested N/A Hips/Elbows - Clear Kantor is our new young male that was imported for our breeding program and Craig uses him for competition. He is a Vasco Vikar & Paska vom Salztalblick grandson. He is a very large powerful male with a great attitude and trainability. We are very excited to see ...
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  • Yevhen vom Bergblick - IPO3, KKL(a)-LIFE (V-rated in SHOW/ WORK

    Yevhen is no longer in our breeding program but we have 3 of his daughters who are great dogs and we are lucky to have them. Yevhen also gained the additional awards: IPO1-1st Place IPO2- 2nd place IPO3 (4x)-1st Place- 98.94.99-291(V) HIGHEST SCORING IPO3 DOG IN CANADA 2013 TEAM CANADA MEMBER-UNIVERSAL WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS (Italy 2015) AWARDED HIGHEST SCORING CANADIAN BRED DOG at the championships 2014 Qualified...
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  • STRAUSS von Lucescu - SchH3, FH (100 points), KKL1(a)life

    Strauss has retired from breeding and work in 2012, but his daughters and grand daughters our in our current breeding program. Strauss has proven himself to us... what a career! He has been a super addition to our breeding program and his puppies have been sold for family pets, sport, and police/military. We are very happy to have owned, trained and shared our life with this wonderful dog. Strauss is now retired and his daughters are in ou...
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TIA- Tanzania von Lucescu - HIGHEST SCORING FEMALE IGP3 in Canada (2022-10-01)
We are so thrilled that TIA has won this precious award from the G.S.D.C.C at their 100th Anniversary National Event...
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our very own YEVHEN vom Bergblick (2015-01-27)
Exciting News!!!  Yevhen receives TOP DOG IN CANADA (2013) - IPO3 with 98.94.99=291(V), TOP CANADIAN BORN...
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New Videos (2013-03-15)
For those of you interested in our dogsport and why we do it, have a look at these two videos. They are very well...
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Police Service Dog Titan (2013-03-09)
Congratulations to our very own Titan and Officer Tara Vivian McLorn who received the highest award and was inducted...
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