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VooDoo von Lucescu- IPO2, KKL(a), SG-rated

VooDoo was born in Jan 2015, her mother is HEMI and father is YEVHEN.  This combination brought many excellent dogs in different areas and we are happy we kept her.  She has an excellent hip/elbow rating from Germany of A-1 and is DM clear through DNA with OFA.

She is from my oldest line and I know the lines very well, this line has produced exceptional dogs in many different areas and are extremely versatile.  She is fast at everything she does, loves life to the fullest and have no nerve issues in anything I have done with her.

2016- Voodoo receives her BH(temperament test) and does awesome with all the different testing, she also got her SG rating(Conformation)  and AD(Endurance Test), so we will be ready to do her breed survey as soon as she gets her working Title next year.

2017- Voodoo received her IPO1 rating... We were thrilled with her performance as she was in heat at the time... She still was able to get in addition to her title- HIGH OBEDIENCE, HIGH TRACKING, HIGH in TRIAL and IPO1-1st Place.  We have entered in the Canadian National Competition and are hoping we have enough time to prepare for this big event. We will also be trying for her breed survey later this year.

2018- UPDATE-- Voodoo had an exciting year. We got IPO2 at the Regional Championships this year, getting 2nd place (first went to our boy EINS) and she also got 1st PLACE in the WORKING CLASS at the Regional Seiger Show..  We are thrilled with her progress and are very excited to breed Eins with Cassius this winter... It is a great combination,,,, can't wait....   

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