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RUSSO von Lucescu - SchH3, KKL1(a) life, V-rated RETIRED

RUSSO is retired from work and breeding since 2011. We are lucky enough to have her offspring in our breeding program.  Check out FAUNA, OCEAN  and TIA, offspring of Russo.

Russo is a 100% European line German Shepherd Dog. She has been a wonderful mother to her puppies and have produced many police dogs, sport / competition dogs, SAR dogs and family companions for pets.  She will retire now (2013) and help us with our training and behavioral problem dogs.  She has been a huge ambassador for our breed.

About Russo:

  • SchH 1 - 2nd place 
  • SchH2 - 1st place
  • SchH3 - 1st place
  • D.O.B. 22May04
  • C.K.C. # PJ979491
  • Tatoo # LU100R
  • O.V.C. # 0032857
  • Hips/Elbows - Clear

Has also received:

  • High Obedience x3 - Never beat in obedience!
  • High Tracking (96 points)
  • High Protection (96 points)
  • High In Trial x 2

Russo is an excellent daughter of COLIN MALEMI and ANDYSA zo Striebornej zatoky.

She shows great character and drives with a remarkable personality. Her movement is excellent and she has very nice conformation.

She's the kind of dog that makes you laugh and you can have lots of fun with during training. Her will to please us is very high along with great natural instincts and drives. She is highly social and loves life. She also loves to be a mom and is a terrific mom to her pups where she enjoys the company and plays with her pups right until the time they leave at 8-9 weeks.

Unfortunately I don 't have as much time as I would like to have to spend on her but will train and compete with her in the sport of Schutzhund. We did her BH (temperament test) in Quebec under Canadian judge Rudy Meitzner and she did excellent, passed very easily and we will start her towards her titles soon.

Her SchH1 trial was held here at Niagara Hundesport with Belgian Judge Rinus Bastiaansen from Belgium. The field was very large and she did very well, coming 2 place in SchH1. First place went to her half brother (Quazar von Lucescu). She also received HIGH OBEDIENCE at this trial and we are very happy with her results.

In 2009, we continued with her and did her breed survey at the Ontario Regional Championships. Here she gained KKL1(a) which is the highest rating for Breeding under German SV Judge Albrecht Worner. She received a "very capable" and "very loadable" in her protection work. She also gained a "V" rating in Show which is also a pleasant ending to the show.

We then went for her SchH2 title in N.Y state for SchH USA. She did really well, gaining HIGH SCHH2 and also got HIGH OBEDIENCE for the trail. She was successful under USA Judge NIKKI BANFIELD.

Russo has received her SchH3 with 2 V scores (96) in tracking and obedience under SV-USA Judge Johannes Grewe. She did a spectacular job even though she was in heat. She finished the trial with HIGH OBEDIENCE, HIGH TRACKING, HIGH PROTECTION, SchH3-1st Place and HIGH IN TRIAL.

We finished Russo koring off at the Canadian German Shepherd Championships where she got KKL1(a) for life under German SV Judge Margit van Dorssen.  We are so pleased she finished her Koring with this most wonderful judge. Margit is the owner of Arlett kennels in Germany.

Throughout her working career, Russo always gave us 100% effort and did an excellent job. She is adog I should have gone to the National level with but, because I breed my females and they have so much down time, she will retire from active work now and relax and join us in the house along with helping us with our K911 program. She will continue to have puppies for a couple more years before she fully retires. In her working career when she recieved her 3 titles, only one dog beat her out and that was her half brother "Quazar von Lucescu". She is a very special dog to us and has been a joy to work. We are now raising a couple of her daughters for our breeding program and I hope they are as good as she was.

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