Commited to Canine

OCEAN von Lucescu- IPO3, KKL(a)life - RETIRED

`About Ocean:   Ocean is now retired from breeding and enjoying her life in the house.
Regional Champion 2016- IPO2-Work and V1 in Working Class for Show... the BEST of Both Worlds.

  • SABLE Female - Coated
  • Reg # ZC474502
  • D.O.B. 22Feb12
  • DNA Tested for DM - (N/N) - Clear
  • Hips/Elbows prelims - Clear
  • Mother: Russo von Lucescu- SchH3, KKL1(a)life
  • Father: Yevhen vom Bergblick- IPO3, KKL(a)life, qualified for 2 Team Canada spots, FCI 2014, Universal 2015.

Ocean is a gorgeous young female out of Russo, sired by Yevhen. She is a coated dog and we are pleased that she has entered our breeding program.

 Although Ocean is a coated dog, it is not likely she will produce it.. Her first litter produced only SHORT COAT dogs. It really depends on whether the male has the LONG COAT gene and most that we will breed to- do not. So LONG COATS will be few and far between... If you are interested in a Long Coat, please contact us and we can discuss that opportunity for you.

She is in training for IPO and is showing excellent qualities. Her trainability and temperament is superb and we look forward to more training with her. Like her mother Russo, Ocean is ALWAYS happy, life is always good and she always puts us in a great mood when we are with her. There is never a dull moment with Ocean.  

Please check back over the next year to see her progress. She will have her first litter of pups in the spring of  2015.
UPDATE- Ocean received her BH level (temperament, self sureness test) in November and is ready to enter the competition field next year.  We couldn't be happier with how she worked in the obedience portion.  She is a dream and so much fun to work with.  She also passed the AD test (Endurance test). 
UPDATE-2014, Ocean has been successful in achieving her IPO1, not only did she get her title, she also came 1st place in her catagory at the competition.  She also came second place overall in obedience and tracking and was beat out only by her father Yevhen.  She was super and such a joy to compete with.  She will continue on now to get her KKL in 2015 when a show becomes available... For now, she will enjoy herself as she always does, such a dream dog that is full of personality and fun to be around.

2015- Ocean went for her BREED SURVEY (KKL) rating in the spring and did very well and is now officially ready for breeding...  Her puppies will be available in 2015.

2016- Ocean not only got her IPO2 title, but we entered her in the Regional Championships and she got 1st place.  She did a wonderful job and now we will be entering her in the Regional Championships 2016 in the show...  UPDATE- Ocean receives a V-1 in the Ontario Regional Sieger Show. We are thrilled with this outcome... She also got her IPO3 and received HIGH OBEDIENCE... another HIT for Ocean.  Love this dog!

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