Commited to Canine

FAUNA von Lucescu - IPO1, KKL(a)- RETIRED from BREEDING

Fauna will be retired from work and breeding in 2017.

About Fauna:

  • Black and Red FEMALE
  • D.O.B. 4Sep08
  • CKC#US264606
  • OVC#0043362
  • Hips/Elbows - Clear
  • DNA tested for DM - Clear (N/N)
  • Mother: RUSSO von Lucescu- SchH3, KKL1(a)-Life(V-rated)
  • Father: STRAUSS von Lucescu- SchH3(V-rated), IPO3, FH(100 pts), KKL1(a)-Life(V-rated)

FAUNA is a med–large size female that is a splitting image of her mom. She is a working line and show line combination with the famous show line dog “Ulk v Arlett” among them. Her mother is RUSSO von Lucescu and her father is STRAUSS von Lucescu. We raised 5 females and picked Fauna out of all of them because of her overall qualities. Her character makes her a lot of fun to be around and she is a bit of a clown in her free time. She has great work ability, combined with an excellent temperamen, which should bring lots of fun in the sport. Her hips and elbows are excellent and certified. She also got a “clear” back from DNA testing for the DM gene, which is a super bonus. Fauna already has her BH, AD and show rating so she is well on her way to starting a career in the sport.
Fauna has been bred to both our males Yevhen and Kantor and has produced superb puppies with both males.  We are very lucky to have a female like this in our breeding program.  We look forward to watching these puppies grow up, we have kept one for ourself that will enter our breeding program and replace Fauna in couple years. 

NEWS UPDATE:  Fauna  was successful for her IPO1 and did very well despite being in heat at the time of the event.... She did very well and now has everything she needs done, to go ahead with her KKL rating.  Stay tuned for her progress....   She is wonderful dog to work with and an awesome mother and producer!

Fauna has also passed her BREED SURVEY (KKL) rating and did awesome in the working part.  

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